Want to help? Became our volunteer!

If you want to get engaged in coral reef rescuing, one of the ways is to come here as a volunteer. We really need this kind of help! So you are most welcome!

Volunteering in Coral Mission is run in two different options. One of them is individual volunteering, and the second is volunteer expeditionsCheck which option fits your expectations.


If you choose to volunteer in this option, you can come to us any time convenient to you (but discussed with us, of course) and for as long as you want. The longer, the better!  


If you want to work as a diver, you have to feel confident under the water. We work in buddy teams, of course. Still, we don’t ensure the dive instructor’s assistance during the dives at the coral farm or other underwater work.

You can also feel invited if you are not so experienced diver or don’t dive at all! We have a lot of land work.



The flight ticket, accommodation, and food costs are on your side. However, if you are looking for the cheapest option – you can stay in the modest local house, which we can use for our volunteers. Don’t expect any luxury here, but there is an AC, electric cooker, small garden and shared living room. One night in this house, in the twin room, costs 20 USD. 


If you prefer the highest standard, you can choose any guesthouse on the island. We recommend Atollkey Cottage, which is just next to our house and the yard when we do our land works, such as welding. Sometimes, but not always, we can arrange a stay there cheaper than the booking.com price.


You can prepare meals on your own or go to the local bars. There are a couple of them on the island, and the prices are pretty affordable.  


We also help arrange the speedboat or local plane transfer from the airport to Dhigurah island.



You will be doing the work which is needed at the moment. For example, it can be diving and the work at the nursery, collecting or planting corals. However, sometimes it can be the land work, such as welding, cleaning the yard, organizing our tools, or others. So sometimes you can get a more tedious job also.


Sometimes it can be the situation that any kind of work is possible, for example, because of the weather. Although, in this case, we can’t give you any type of entertainment, please arrange your time according to your needs and preferences.



In your free time, you can arrange your time as you wish, according to your interests and budget. It can be just enjoying the beauty of the Maldivian island – beaching, swimming, or walking around. You can also go for a dive or a snorkeling trip with one of the local dive centers. You will always have one day off in a week.


Suppose you want to combine rescuing the reef and the work at the coral farm with acquiring unique knowledge and recreational diving. In that case, this option is perfect for you! At the same time, you will help us financially.

This is important: the whole profit from the expedition is intended to cover the cost of Coral Mission’s main activities, that is, rescuing corals.


Both divers, independent of their experience, and snorkelers can participate in the expedition.


During the trip, you’ll be working in our coral nursery, learning how to identify corals, and testing your knowledge during the practical trainings on the reef.

You will take part in the unique course Reef Conservation (Level 1) and Reef Restoration (Level 2), so you’ll gain a lot of knowledge about the coral reef, corals, and the work in the nursery. The course is run by Jamaica – Reef Ecologist and PADI Master Instructor.

And besides, you’ll be diving in the most exciting spots of South Ari Atoll, searching for the whale shark and mantas, and much more!

In a word – the work for the Ocean, a lot of knowledge and a holiday in one!

You can find details in a PDF file – you can download it or review it here.

Become part of the change and support us. We really need it!


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