Hi Folks,

It’s time to give you an update again – we are making significant progress in the Maagmigili reef relocation project, and a lot of things happened!

By now, we have relocated more than 600 coral colonies. Some of them are already planted onto the frames, and some are still on the resting tables, ready to be planted. Furthermore, we planted more than 300 small pieces of coral in the nursery – the first nursery is now completely filled!

What’s coming next? New resting tables are already made, waiting for corals, such as three planting frames. The new planting frames follow a new design – thanks to Coral Reef Care for sharing their experience with us! We also decided to take advantage of their experience and change the procedure of bringing corals from Maamigili reef to Dhigurah lagoon. Until now, after 1 or 2 days from the relocation, we were replanting corals to the frames. It was taking a lot of time. That’s why we couldn’t bring corals from Maamigili more often. We were worried because the water quality is really poor there and corals suffer and die. So now, we decided to prepare a couple of many resting tables and bring as many corals as possible. This way, we want to relocate the planned 1800 coral colonies. After the relocation, we will be slowly replanting them to the frames. 

By now, we are also developing a new concept of how to attach more massive coral colonies to the planting frames. Our marine expert Karl had several ideas and suggestions that now must be evaluated. And of

course we continue cleaning corals and frames, checking their health and so on, which is a necessary everyday part of our work.