Save the corals of Maamigili!

Maamigili Reef, located in South Ari Atoll, Maldives is home to a Marine Protected area where whale sharks are found all year round. Unfortunately, this reef is being destroyed RIGHT NOW!

A local airport is currently being expanded which involves creating artificial land in order to make space for a new airport terminal. This type of construction involves pumping sand onto the existing coral reef which chokes the corals and harms hundreds of marine creatures who are unable to escape danger including starfish, nudibranchs and anemones.

This is urgent. The airport expansion is already underway and will be completed within the next few months, so we must act now!

We have a plan!

Coral Mission’s marine biologist along with with a group of committed divers, have developed to rescue, relocate and replant the corals in a safer place.

Our mission is to relocate at least 1,800 corals to Dhigurah Island (18 kilometres from the airport) and plant them on special racks. We also hope to collect and relocate as many reef bound sea creatures as we can.

Support our mission

Such an ambitious project is very expensive. We need generous donors (like you!) to help save as many corals as possible from Maamigili reef.

Your support matters

Any donation you give, large or small, is extremely valuable to our mission. 

Just $ 14 saves one coral!

If you care about the ocean and the future of marine life, please help us save a small part of it!

Support us and donate!



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The Maamigili reef relocation project description
and the estimated cost