Maria Sotek

Founder, President of management board

The originator and co-founder of the Coral Mission Foundation. Maria is a visionary and a dreamer. In love with the ocean, the Maldives and its people. Rescue diver, free diver and traveler.


mobile/WhatsApp: +48 502 064 214

Marek Sotek

Chief of technology, member of management board

Charismatic leader and adrenaline junky: climber, scuba diver, free diver and traveler. Marek has also climbed mountain peaks as Aconcagua, Kilimanjaro, Elbrus, Cotopaxi, Chimborazo and Pico de Orizaba.

Marek is responsible for the technical aspects of our work, creating and testing new solutions. 


Ali Nasru

On-site operations manager, President of Maldivian branch

Professional diver and dive instructor. Native Maldivian.

He is responsible for everyday work with our coral nurseries and communication with the local communities. 

Karl Fellenius

Coral restoration expert, Scientific consultant

Karl works in the Marshall islands as a coastal and marine management consultant. 

He has degrees in Oceanography, Geology, Environmental Management and 3 decades of experience in reef restoration and scientific research. Coral Mission is truly grateful to have him aboard to share his passion and extensive knowledge of the marine environment.

Full information about Karl’s experience and projects can be read here…

Marcin Pawełczyk

Media relations manager

Diver since 2010 with a particular interest in Baltic wrecks, flooded caves and mines and technical diving. Over time, Marcin became interested in underwater photography and continues to improve his skills.

Professionally, he specializes in marketing, social communications, and public relations. Since 2013 he has been the owner of the diving portal, and since 2017 he has been publishing the diving magazine DIVERS24. 

Marcin is responsible for our media relations.


mobile/WhatsApp: +48 606 310 252

Ewa Sienkiewicz


A full-time mum with passion and dreams. She loves everything about the Maldives: the ocean, the sun, the cuisine, and the fact that when she’s there, she’s in no hurry at all.

Ewa supported us from the very beginning.

Marcin Papinski


Passionate diver and aquarist. Marcin replanted his first corals 15 years ago in his own private aquarium. 

For Marcin, the reef is a unique environment that we may never fully understand. Because of this, he has been fascinated by this ecosystem for many years.

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