Coral reef value

As for ecosystem’s biodiversity – Coral Reefs surpass even the Rain Forests. Even though, coral colonies cover less than 1% of our planet’s surface – they are home for more than 25% of marine fish. Conditions of the ocean have been virtually the same for centuries. What follows – organisms which evolved in such environment do not need to worry about surviving the winter or migrating for food.  All conditions are stable, albeit very specific. This allowed the evolution to create unique and amazing organisms.

Shrimps, corals, anemones, sea urchins, bristleworms.. From acroporas to zoanthuses, each bottom dweller depends on lasting water parameters. Some surviving conditions are, amongst many others: salinity, temperature, alkalinity, calcium, magnesium, nitrate and phosphate presence in water.. Like for Goldielocks – everything is supposed to be just “fine”. Moreover, even trace presence of elements like metals is lethal.

Certain species have proven to be more hardy when it comes to climate changes, giving us hope for their survival. Nevertheless, each noticeable change, will destroy whole fragments of coral reefs and species.  Changing the water temperature by a single degree doesnt seem like much. On the other hand – imagine if Your body temperature was raised by the same value – so up to 37,6° C – for a longer period of time it wouldn’t be very comfortable experience, right? And what if the mixture of gases we breathe, suddenly included some percent of pesticides?

Artificial recreation of oceanic environment is possible and widely practiced – both in public and private aquariums. Bottom line is – for a larger scale it requires huge amount of time and money.

 For us, the humanity – reefs represent specific value. The “products” supplied byt the ocean include but not limit to: touristic income, production (fishery), coastal line defenses, and – surprisingly – support for medicine development!. As stationary animals, corals developed chemical defense mechanisms, which can be used to fight bacteria, Alzheimer, arteritis and even certain forms of cancer.

For all these reasons, we believe it is worth to get up from the proverbial couch and do “something” for saving the unique resources of our planet. And we are simply thrilled if You decide to support us – even by sharing this article with your friends.